The most iconic natural feature that we have in Billings is our rimrocks.  Thousands stop there each year for the amazing views it provides and tourists love it.  But our city closes it each year worried about fireworks.


We have a law against it, so enforce it. 104,758 people will obey that law.  What power does a law have if you shut down areas where it has a possibility of being violated?


All other city parks are open, why?  All the county parks are open and there is fire danger there.  We don’t shut the Y down because someone J-walking could be killed crossing the street.  We don’t shut bike lanes down if there is a death or accident.  Hunting districts are not closed to avoid poaching.


And now with the advent of cell phones and technology, any violation would be caught on film.  It’s time to start restoring the integrity of law and not making innocent hard working people pay the price.

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