I watched an awful lot of television while we were off work for four days. And here's some of what I learned.

Winston Churchill never trusted Adolf Hitler. In fact, when Churchill won the election and became prime minister, that caused Hitler to change his plan. Hitler knew that Churchill wouldn't be passive like his predecessor, so he had to attack sooner.

I learned that if you ranch like Kevin Costner on Yellowstone, you just kill off your enemies by throwing rattlesnakes at them. And when you do that, they die in sixty seconds. I also learned that I won't watch that show with my fourteen-year-old daughter, due to the language.

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The show that blew my mind was special about what happens when they open a new location of Chick-Fil-A. Chick-Fil-A opens up about 100 new restaurants each year. When they do, it's kind of a party, or should I say a campout?

People will set up tents and camp out before the grand opening because the first 100 people through the door when they open get free Chik-Fil-A for a year.

When you get there, you are issued a number. That's your place in line. And you can't leave the premises because they have someone checking periodically to see if everybody is still there. If they can't find you during one of these checks, an alternate will be awarded your number.

The show interviewed a number of people who have attended double-digit Chick-Fil-A grand openings. I won't be camped out when they open here. But I do want to try their chicken sandwiches. I just won't do it the first day that they are open.

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