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When the COVID-19 vaccine comes out do you plan on getting it? I'm not sure what I'll do yet. I guess if your doctor recommends it for you, it would be best, but everyone is different. I haven't been vaccinated for the flu for about five years. That's a hit or miss depending on the strain of flu. Keep in mind there have been numerous COVID-like outbreaks before. What if next year's co-vid strain is a different one? Now, if this vaccine is just an immune system booster, then I would probably get it. Another question is if this will become mandatory for school children. The most susceptible people should be the first to receive it. I'm sure all medical personnel will also be required as well. Is it legal for other places of employment to require it? What if you refuse, can you be terminated? We are about to enter an area that we haven't been to before, so get ready. See ya tomorrow at 5.

From Wuhan to New York City: A Timeline of COVID-19's Spread

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