So, Paul was doing a story about the original drawing for the design of Disneyland. Then he suggested that I start my own Amusement park, called "Wilson World".

For starters, Wilson World is already taken by a motel chain in the south eastern part of America. So, the name would be different, but i have a lot of ideas for how I'd like the place to be.

It would feature good rides. Rides that I would go on. Bumper cars done right. I'm talking something just short of a demolition derby. Same thing with go carts. Contact is not only allowed, it's encouraged.

Next, the road course. It will be a road race course, like Laguna Seca. you can drive your own sports car or rent one of our Lamborghinis, Ferraris, or McLarens.

Food will include Howard's Pizza (from Great Falls), a "Crab by the leg" booth, Bud Light Lime on tap everywhere there's some shade, and lots of air conditioned places to get out of the heat.

What else should "Wilson World" have?

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