How many coolers do you have in your garage or storage area?  If you are like most of us, you buy the newest and latest model as it comes out.

If you don't have the Coolest Cooler yet, you're missing out.

The Coolest Cooler has it all for your trip to Lake Elmo for the day, weekend camping at Cooney Reservoir, or a day at the softball/baseball fields or soccer field.

Right now, when you become a VIP Club member in the Cat VIP Club you have a chance to win one of these super cool coolers.

This cooler isn't your ordinary cooler.  Check out the features of this bad boy.

1:  An 18-volt rechargeable blender built right into the lid with a custom made rechargeable battery. Blend all your favorite drinks right at the cooler in a few simple steps. And there's recipes built right into the blender.

2:  A removable blue tooth wireless speaker, which is water resistant with party paring to other devices.

3:  With the water proof built in USB charging port, you never have to worry about your cell phone or other devices going dead.

4:  With the extra wide rubber coated tires, you'll never fight dragging your cooler across the rocks and sand again.

5:  With the water proof LED light embedded in the lid, you'll always be able to see what your reaching for.

6:  The Coolest Cooler comes with plates, a ceramic knife, a cutting board, cork screw and magnetic bottle opener, so everything is self-contained inside the lid.

7:  The convenient bungee tie-downs are a huge plus. How many times are you pulling the cooler and whatever you have stored on top just falls off?  With the tie-downs on the coolest cooler that will never be a problem.

Want to own one of these coolers?  Become a VIP Club member today, just log on to



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