Don't push your luck if you go out celebrating this weekend. New data shows DUI deaths nearly double during St. Patrick's Day weekend and we unfortunately live in one of the deadliest states for intoxicated driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports Wyoming now leads the country in impaired driving deaths, with 7.59 deaths per capita in 2017. Montana topped the last report and now is listed at number 6, with 5.33 deaths per 100,000 down from 9.58 in 2016. listed these other findings from the NHTSA report:

  • Every state in the ten worst (except Wyoming) decreased its rate of drunk driving deaths year over year in 2017.

  • 50% of the worst states have no minimum jail time for first-time DUI offenders. Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, and Texas each mandate between one and three days.4

  • The majority of US states require mandatory alcohol abuse assessment (or treatment) after a DUI conviction, but neither is required in six out of the ten worst states for drunk driving deaths.5

  • Among the ten states with the most drunk driving deaths, the average minimum fine for the first DUI conviction is $280, compared to $436 among the ten states with the fewest drunk driving deaths. Three of the deadliest states—New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming—don’t have any minimum fine.6

To see the complete list of States With Most Impaired Driving Deaths, CLICK HERE. is offering $10 Lyft gift cards to the first 100 people from Montana and Wyoming who sign up for the St. Pat's Safe Ride Home campaign HERE.

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