Country music is a very supportive genre, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few artists who just can't get along. Sometimes it's professional, sometimes it's personal. For country's most well-known feudsters, it was both.

Find out what really started Toby Keith and Natalie Maines' battle in this special edition of You Think You Know Country? Theirs may not rank at the top of the all-time best/worst list — two other legends battled for nearly two decades before calling a truce, while two more '90s hitmakers got very ugly with each other on two very public stages.

Garth Brooks is part of two feuds mentioned in "You Think You Know Country's Nastiest Feuds?" However, the superstar is only an active part of one. It wasn't his fault, as one legend just didn't seem to like Garth — to this day the singer says he doesn't know why. After you watch, be sure to subscribe to Taste of Country's YouTube channel, then learn all about Toby Keith by clicking the button below.

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