Last night at The Den was another of the Flakes parties. Thanks to everyone for showing up and registering for a chance to join us in Mexico. Sometimes the parties are better than the actual trip, because we get to spend time with even more of you. It gives us a time to sit down and catch up with a lot of long time listeners. And that’s just what we did last night.

We answered questions about how come we’re not doing this anymore, or talking about that anymore. We talked sports, some politics, music and Billings…and I think the Farmer got a few tips out there for harvesting.

At one point there were quite a few Farmers in the room all talking about their tough harvest year. The one long time listener was telling me about his tough year with crops, He had two big hail storms that all but destroyed half of his field. I asked him if he was going to keep doing it and he replied, “I am looking forward to next year”.

And that’s what the Farmer says too. Montana is the number 1 “looking forward to next year state”.

Not me. I am looking forward to taking the trip to Mexico in February.

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