Sunday night my family and I made taco salads for dinner. Having five kids you can imagine how many accidents happen. This dinner was no exception.

We no more than got the salads made up and dished out to the kids when our 4-year-old made the wrong move and his salad went tumbling to the floor.

He is a HUGE fan of tomatoes and with the dropping of the salad, he was pretty ticked off. My oldest son Rodney hollered out "Better hurry up or the 5 second rule will get ya!" Before I could even open my mouth Corban was one the floor trying to salvage his tomatoes out of his taco salad.

Luckily I got him stopped before he ate any and a new taco salad was his destiny.

I grew up with the 5 second rule and we as kids never thought twice about it. If you dropped something, you had 5 seconds to get it off the ground before it was bad.

I guess my kids picked up this rule from their friends.

Now that I am grown, I know how bogus this rule really is. Research has actually been done on this and it it shows that when the food touches the floor, it is almost instantly contaminated no matter how clean you think your floor is.

I will not eat anything of my home floor, let alone the floor of anywhere in Billings...or the world for that matter. It can be serious.

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