Whooooo....what a week! For starters, I can't believe how many comments came from me not only changing my Facebook profile picture for the first time in 7 years, but I also got TONS of comments on it. Kinda funny.

  • I hope you heard how Paul explained how a frying pan is actually a "feminine product".
  • "cuz our team lost... cuz our team won...cuz Sweet Home Alabama came on... that's why we drink". Justin Moore's new song is the first song that I can't seem to hear enough in a long time.
  • There's a bingo fundraiser set for next Tuesday at the 406 Taproom starting at 6 p.m.
  • Trunk Or Treat happens Sunday in Huntley across from the Blue Cat. Kids that are referred by school faculty get to come in and shop.
  • If you haven't heard, Costco and their employees are donating 1,040 cases of water to residents of the Huntley/Warden area. On Saturday, November 2nd, the semi will be parked in front of Huntley Project High School and they will be handing out cases of bottled water to anybody that needs them.
  • We had one lady call in this week and she believed that cows are sacred in Minnesota!
  • I'm so into music, my next cruise will probably be a PABLO Cruise! Pa dum pum.
  • I went to Havre & back in one day.
  • And what is the magic cure for allergies? I got retested and am on max dose of meds. I also take Claritin D 12 Hour AND Sudafed and still wake up sniffling each morning. What’s the magic fix? Don't worry about the cost. I'll pay it!
  • One last stop by to get qualified for our Flakes Trip will happen next Thursday at The Stars & Stripes restaurant from 5-7pm.
  • And, because I live in Montana, I'm going golfing after work, then when I get home, I'm putting my plow on my 4 wheeler.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for listening!

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