I knew an old woman who I bought some land from years ago who made some of the best homemade vegetable soup you've ever tasted. It was made by everything she grew in her garden, and I mean everything. She would make a huge pot of it and it would cook all day. There's nothing like a good bowl of hardy soup to stick with you all day. I think my favorite still is clam chowder followed next by potato bacon with cheddar. Next would be a red-pepper tomato. Rounding out the top five would be thick chicken noodle and at number 5 is a good old-fashioned vegetable. Actually, soup is like, you know what: there really isn't any bad soup. Mark still likes Campbell's Cream of crap that he can put in every casserole that he makes. That and Campbell's alphabet soup so he can spell Merle in the spoon. Stay warm and see ya tomorrow at 5.

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