When we retire, do we HAVE to move to Arizona or Florida? Is it some type of federal law?

I was talking to a retired friend the other day who has an RV and spends about half of his year in a trailer park in Arizona. When it hits springtime here, he comes back for the golfing. Golf is cheaper here and even in August, you can get 18 holes in before it gets into the triple digits.

Every retired person I know is always in a great mood. Understandably.

A friend's mom could have gotten me hired on with Cascade County when I was 18 years old, had I taken that job, that is. But the position would have had me spraying for mosquitoes. So I passed on that opportunity.

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Most of my friends intend to stay in Montana when they retire. But I completely understand wanting to go to someplace warm, especially when you have weather like we have had the last week or so. 30 degrees below zero here versus sunny and 65 in a place like Arizona. Pretty easy decision.

One of my grandfathers learned how to paint when he retired. I need to find something like that to do because I can't golf every day.

My mother absolutely hates retirement. She was a waitress and bartender and formed friendships with a lot of people through the years. She misses seeing them. So, I understand her point of view a little.

Besides, how does a guy retire from the radio? And I'm always up early anyway.

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