I was absent from the microphone last week as my husband, Brett and I took a long overdue vacation.  It was just the two of us, which is the first child free vacation we've taken in about a decade.

We headed North first to the Hi-line (Havre) for the 4th of July to see family and celebrate the Holiday (we also mixed in an impromptu 81st Birthday for my mom, she turned 81 June 24th)

After a few days, we headed to Lewistown to spend a few days in the Judith Mountains with my oldest dearest friend and her family.

We stayed at a place called Camp Maiden.

It is an old Girl Scout camp with bunk houses/cabins and a main hall for cooking and entertaining.

It was amazing to just relax and tune out the world for a few days.

No phones or TV, just you and nature.

We are already marking out calendars for next year.

What did you do over the 4th of July Holiday?


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