What in the heck is going on with McDonald's. The big announcement this week about the toys that go into a Happy Meal. They are working with toy companies to develop new ideas like three-dimensional cardboard heroes you can build and plant-based game pieces.

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A four-year-old doesn't give a crap about carbon footprints. He wants a cool toy. Is this a Happy meal or a feel terrible about what you're doing to the planet meal? Hi, I'd like a quarter pounder with cheese, fries, and a politically correct meal for my child, please. By the way, I refer to my child as a child because my child hasn't decided on the pronoun yet that fits.

If they were concerned that much about the environment they would get rid of all those drive-up windows across the country and not the toys made of plastic. Does McDonald's have no problem adding to the major obesity pandemic that the country faces but are you worried about the freakin' toys?

I got another question for ya RAY, When is the last time all of those balls in the playground for kids have been cleaned and sanitized? I think these companies are so worried now about public perception and not the service and product they offer is going to cost them. I don't know any small business owner that ever said ' I went broke, but at least I didn't add to the problem at our landfills". Have a great weekend and we'll see ya back here Monday at 5.

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