I love to hit the thrift stores here in Billings on Saturday mornings. I'm always looking for vintage mid-century modern furniture like you might see on the set of the 60's themed TV show "Mad Men". Items designed by Herman Miller and anything from the Art Metal Co. from Watertown, NY (which hasn't been in existence in decades) always catch my eye.

This morning I was at St. Vincent's Thrift Store on the corner of 27th St. and Montana Ave. and found the blue chair you see in the photo above. It's from 1972 and the designer is David Rowland who designed a lot of this periods' office furniture. So I checked the internet to get a ballpark figure of the value and it's worth between $50 and $125... depending on the buyer of course. If it was a Herman Miller it'd probably be worth $250 but still, a pretty nice find. Happy Thrifting!

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