I know MMA is a common term now and most people have heard of the UFC even if they're not a fan.  There was, however a much different time for this sport and people like me could only find it at their local video store.

I started watching the UFC in the early 90s and shortly thereafter became a Royce (that's pronounced "Hoyce") Gracie fan.  This guy faced most of the popular and many of the obscure disciplines and triumphed over all...well, except for Kimo, but he still won.

These days, Mixed Martial Arts doesn't mean a karate guy vs. a judo guy, but rather a cross training of the most effective tactics from many different disciplines; many of which are still rooted in the Gracie Jujitsu style.  It's not just an excellent skill to learn for defense, but if you're looking for a way to get active, you should take a look at our local Gracie Jujitsu facility in the Seize The Deal online auction where you can currently grab a one year tuition for 1/2 price.


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