June 16th is the estimated final day of the Shopko store on King Ave. West in Billings.  The sign out front boasts items for up to 80% off.  I stopped in today and they still have some inventory (more empty shelves than full), but I saw very few "deals" left.

I've seen quite a few Going Out of Business liquidations in my life and I expect prices to be raised before the sale, but some of the items I looked at today were just ridiculous.  I suppose that's why they're still there.

For instance, I looked at an Igloo Automatic Ice Maker that was listed at 50% off.  The "original price" was marked at $339.00, meaning the sale price was $169.50.  I found this online at five retailers, all with the same price of 139.99.  A $200 markup on a $139.99 item seems a bit much, even for a liquidation "sale".

I've also been in a market for a TV stand, so I checked out the one remaining stand and saw a price tag of 800.00.  I didn't even bother to look at the discount rate given the starting point.

Maybe you'll have better luck than I did as the final days tick down (remember, the date is estimated, so it could be sooner).

They do have quite a bit of clothes remaining and I didn't even go in that section, so perhaps they might be worth the trip. There are also a few 4k smart tv's available at very good prices.

I ended up purchasing some seeds for various plants and flowers.  Those envelopes come with prices printed on them by the manufacturer, so the discounts on those were real and a good investment.

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