I have heard of strange name and of course, strange stories. I guess you could say it's all part of my job. However this one had to have been planned by the guy involved. It's just a little too strange not to be.

A Missouri man named Bud Weisser was taken into custody for trespassing into - of all places - a Budweiser brewery in St. Louis.

Police apprehended the 19-year-old St. Louis man on Thursday December 3rd, when he entered a secure area at the brewery and refused to leave.

Apparently he thought he was entitled to more than he actually was just because his name is the same of the King Of Beers. Regardless, he is under age as far as drinking goes and he'll probably remember his little sit in for many years to come. At least he'll have a pretty good story to share for awhile.

I guess the bottom line is, they took Mr. Weisser out of the Budweiser plant but they can't take the name out of Mr. Weisser.

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