Whenever I come into Billings for supplies and I'm feeling a hamburger, one-stop that never comes to mind is Burger King. I know it could be someone's favorite, but I never stop there. In fact, does anyone? every time I drive by a Burger King there is never anyone there. I wonder, how in the heck do they stay open? Maybe the drive-thru does all the business, but I never see a crowd.

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If I had to pick my favorite burger stops It would have to be Five Guys and Mooyah as a tie for my top two. A fresh Wendy's single is tough to beat followed by a Mcdonald's Double cheese. Part of my problem if I'm not here for a sit-down meal is I just don't want to wait a long time so I usually can't go to a Dairy Queen even though they have the best chocolate shakes in town. Unless they are hand-dipped then that is a whole different category in itself. It makes me wonder. If you never see cars in front of a restaurant, should I be eating there in the first place?

There are a lot of casinos like that as well. They are off the beaten path and they have 1 car there and I think, how can they even stay open? The ones that are opened all night long, I would never stop no matter how hungry I am. Not that I would be out that time of night anyway. I just don't want somebody that had a really bad day cooking my food knowing they will never see me again. Eat up.

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