I play flag football and I play quarterback. As a passer it's nice when the ball has a little give. You can get a better grip and control the ball better. I don't even understand why the NFL has a rule regarding the exact inflation of the ball... especially since the kicking balls are separate.

As you've heard, other quarterbacks do the same thing. Some Patriots fans think it's to get the Pats back for being so good and to try to slow them down a bit but I don't believe in conspiracy theories. I think the league has taken a black eye over the last year for being too lenient so when their premier star was found guilty of the tiniest infraction they took "bold" action to make it look like they "did something". I suspect he is the scapegoat for the team always being at the heart of cheating rumors. I'm far more apt to agree with the taking away of their first round pick than I am with the 4 game suspension meted to Brady.

Ray Rice knocks his fiance out cold in an elevator and initially he was given just a two game suspension. Basically he was going to get half of what Brady got for deflating balls for deflating his fiances head. Some suspect Roger Goodell saw the video that came out later and led to Rice's year long suspension.

The league (especially Goodell) needs to get it's crap together, focus on what is and isn't important and be consistent in the penalties for violating the leagues conduct standards... whatever they are.

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