Most of you know I have plenty of kids, five at home to be exact.

I like to be an involved dad as much as I can. That includes helping with what I can for dinner, helping with schoolwork and trying to be a good example with their upbringing.

One thing that I am not extremely proud of but am more than willing to do is change diapers. It comes with being a parent regardless if you are mom or dad.

I recently ran into an issue in a pretty well-known store in Billings which I won't name.

While we were there, Baby McKenzie did her business. My wife was busy trying to handle something so I went to take her into the men's bathroom to change her. When we walked in, there was no changing table. We have been to this store as a family before when we had  to deal with her diaper. Those times though, my wife took her in to the women's bathroom to change her with all the proper amenities.

So, why is it when I go to change her there is no changing table in the men's bathroom?

I ended up taking little girl out to my truck to handle her needs, which was not very convenient. I wasn't about to put her on the counter to handle it out of respect for others using the bathroom and her comfort.

Is there some sort of concept that only women change diapers in this world? I know plenty of dads that have or still change diapers so why can't we have this same convenience in our bathrooms?

Out of defense, I have seen them in men's bathrooms in other places but feel if you are going to put it in a woman's bathroom it should also be in a man's.

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