They've started a GoFundMe for a gentleman named Frank Pelletier. he had a fire last night at his home and lost everything. Clothes, credit cards, medications. Everything.

I'm guessing that later on, they will take donations of clothing, bedding, and so on. Right now they are just overwhelmed and are taking cash donations at the GoFundMe page.

Credit: Ryder Pelletier
Credit: Ryder Pelletier
"Hello. My name is Ryder and I’m creating this to help my dad. On Jan 10th, 2024, we received word that my father’s house, Frank Pelletier, lost his house. When I arrived, I saw that the entire structure had been lost. All of my father possessions, medications, clothing, food, and most of my belongings as well are lost. My family is stuck in a funk and we need help. We aren’t the asking kind but if you can, please help us.
god bless you all and thank you."
So, I'm going to send a few bucks to these poor folks. This will be in addition to the help that they'll get from Red Cross and other entities.
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When the family gets to the point where they decide what they need the most, whether it's clothing, kitchen items, blankets, or whatever, we'll keep you posted.
I know that I, personally could get them a pickup load of stuff that could help.
I know that everybody who's reading this is thinking the same thing that I am right now. "I can't imagine..." Me neither.
Check back here for updates as we try to help this family get back on their feet.

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