For Weird Wednesday today, we had folks tell us what their "best ever" Christmas gift was.

We had quite a few "kids/relatives" came home for Christmas. Also had a few stories from folks who received dogs as gifts. And I was a little surprised at just how popular the .22 rifle is as a present.

Mine wasn't the gift I got, but the one that I gave. In 2002, Neil Diamond played Metrapark for the 2nd time in 3 years.  And my mom was a huge fan, so I got tickets for her and my little sister to go. The night of the show, we went out for a nice dinner.

Now, my sister didn't really ever go to places like this, and didn't know whta to expect. So, she ate 2 loaves of the free bread, along with a huge salad. W And I had told her to order a smaller steak, but she just laughed, knowing that I was paying the bill.

Well, when she got her steak, she took 3 bites and got the rest put in a "to go" box. Which she promptly left in my pickup and totally forgot about. Until Christmas anyway. I had put it in my freezer, and wrapped it up real pretty for her.

We had a great laugh over it. However the laughs kept coming the next 4 years each time she would reopen this gross piece of leftover meat.


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