We all have moments. Believe me when I say that I do, too. You know, moments when you get so mad that you want the world to feel your wrath. OK, I've never been that mad but I have been close.

Even in my worst state of mind, I would never want to punish my family.

To me, it sounds like this woman had a pretty good reason for what she did. Maybe it was a message of, "work for what you get," or maybe it was that she felt her family didn't deserve a penny of what she had earned. No one really knows the full story.

Here's what happened.

An Austrian woman shredded her 950,ooo euro ($1.02 million) fortune in spite because she didn't want her family to have it, AFP reports.

According to German-language newspaper Kurier, the 85-year-old woman neatly cut the euros and some savings account books before leaving them on a nursing home bed, days before she died.

Authorities theorize she turned her fortune into the world's most expensive confetti to upset her family, though the reason why is unclear.

Either she was a really mean granny or her descendants are very undeserving.

Do us all a favor. If you have cash like this that you don't want your kids to have, don't cut it up. Instead, bring it to the 23rd floor of DoubleTree Hotel in downtown and let me help you throw it off the top of the building so we can make people in downtown Billings happy. Just my two cents.

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