We're coming up to the season where ghosts and goblins will be roaming the streets and loud/terrifying screams will be heard all around.

A new study finds that a loud scream does more than we originally thought.

When you hear a scream, your natural reaction is to jump out of your skin, but why? According to HealthDay News, it's not the volume that spikes your adrenaline, but instead it's the frequency range that acts as a shrill alarm and taps into your brain's natural fear response.

As a parent of 5 kids I can tell you when a baby cries, I get worked up. There is no way to ignore the alarm. The study found that the sounds that were higher in roughness were also perceived by the volunteers as being more frightening and the brain showed this to be true, they say.

Have you ever noticed how your heart pounds after someone screams loudly? It's simply because your body notices the alarm and it scares you. It seems to be more of a reflex type of thing.