There's a good chance that you fall into the "I couldn't care less how Justin Bieber eats his burrito" camp, but this bit of fake news is a good reminder of how easy it is to fool millions of people.

Even if you know nothing of pop music and couldn't sing along with a Bieber song if your life depended on it, you've probably seen the photo of Justin Bieber sitting on a park bench eating a burrito sideways.  This picture not only went viral on the net, but also made its way into news media via some pretty respectable outlets, e.g. USA Today, ABC News, etc.

The group responsible for orchestrating this elaborate scheme has now revealed the entire behind the scenes process which is shown in the video above.

To reiterate, I don't care how, if, when or why Justin Bieber eats a burrito, but in spite of that, I've seen this image no less than 50 times over the past week.  Just another reminder that the masses are easily fooled and to not take everything viral as gospel.  My hope is that the reason this wasn't verified and so easily believed was simply .. "Why the hell would somebody fake something so stupid?".  Perhaps if it was something serious, some of the news media outlets would have dug in a little deeper before authoring hundreds of articles.

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