Billings American Legion Baseball Fundraiser, 45 Guns in 45 Days, is getting ready to kick off and we couldn't be more excited. The giveaways start February 1st with Mark and Paul. Ticket sales go to a fun cause right here in the Magic City.

Money raised will help BALB with its operating funds for the upcoming season.

The winners are:

Feb. 1: Todd Teegarden, ticket No. 0612

Only 4,000 tickets are sold and they give you a shot at winning some pretty sweet hardware: rifles, shotguns, handguns and an amazing grand prize that is worth $5,000.

Mark and Paul started announcing a winner a day on February 1st and it will all wrap up March 16th.

Winners will be announced each weekday at approximately 8:05 a.m. on FM 102.9 KCTR, Cat Country. Winners will be notified by phone and winning names will be posted daily on the BALB website right here. Saturday and Sunday winners will be drawn and announced the preceding Friday or the following Monday.

Here is a list of the prizes:

4 (1 of each caliber shown)
A-Bolt III Composite Stalker
270 Winchester

4 (1 of each caliber shown)
700 SPS Composite/Stainless
30-06 Springfield

4 (1 of each caliber shown)
116 FCSS Composite/Stainless
7mm Remington Magnum

4 (1 of each caliber shown)
Tikka T3
T3 Lite Composite/Stainless
300 Winchester Magnum

4 (1 of each caliber shown)
Vanguard Composite/Blued

4 (1 of each caliber shown)
Model 70 Extreme Weather SS
Composite/Stainless Steel
270 Win, 30-06, 308 Win, and 300 Win Mag.

4 Remington
870 Express Super Magnum
Black Synthetic/Black Matte
28” Barrel - Pump
12 Gauge

4 Browning
BPS Hunter Pump
Satin Walnut/Blued
28” Barrel – Pump
12 Gauge

4 Remington
11-87 Sportsman
Black Synthetic/Black Matte
28” Barrel – Semi-Auto
12 Gauge

3 Smith & Wesson
“The Governor”
Matte Black Finish
45 Long Colt/45 ACP/.410

3 Taurus
Stainless Steel
45 Long Colt/.410

2 Browning
Buckmark Camper Package
Stainless 5.5” Barrel, Fiber Optic Sites, Pistol Rug/Case
And 3 Magazines
22 Long Rifle

GRAND PRIZE (Estimated Retail Value is 5,000)
Bowtech-Diamond--Infinity Bow Package--Plus Rangefinder and one (1) Dozen Arrows

Kimber--Premium Rifle--Choice of Caliber

Remington--VersaMax Shotgun--12 gauge

Plus $500 cash--For Optics, Accessories, Etc.


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