It was very upsetting to hear of the church burglaries in Billings.  Crime happens daily it seems like everywhere but when a crime spree hits a house of worship it just makes you think harder about a criminals thought process.  Plenty of churches have been hit over the last several weeks or so, all over Billings with the exception of Billings Heights.  The latest church burglarized is King of Glory on 41st and Grand Avenue.

Billings Police said that in most cases, cash was taken as well as some credit card slips and checks.  One burglary included the theft of a T.V.

Police sent an email early last week warning the church community of the recent break-ins, reminding them to be on alert. Lieutenant Cady said evidence collected during police investigations is currently being processed for fingerprints. He said the burglaries are likely linked and the police currently have no suspects.

Churches are vulnerable because they are usually stocked with items including valuables to help people in need.  Reports say that in some of  the burglaries nothing was taken.

The thing about the King of Glory burglary is that church officials are not sure how they got into the place.

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