This week in Farmer Finishers:

Not much good news. We have started receiving some Flakesgiving donations so that's great. Meals this year are 40 dollars, due to a 60-cent-per-pound increase in turkeys. We are going to throw a can of green beans in the boxes this year due to the popularity of the "gross" green bean casserole. Have you noticed no one ever fights over the leftover green beans? I know I don't get it they're all the same.

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Crime in Billings.

Some bad news yesterday from the press conference that the police chief held on criminal activity in Billings. Folks, we have seen an increase in gang activity and the Billings P.D. is doing an amazing job. Serious crime is down but we have no place to keep the crooks. There are currently over 300 known gang members on the streets and they just keep committing crimes.

The Chief has had to resort to us to help fix the situation. He is pleading for us to be more vigilant and careful with our firearms...Why?  Because these stupid people who run the city won't give him or us the tools we need to keep our streets and city safe. They all unanimously want these huge 143 million dollar rec facilities and have given the Chief nothing.

So, he needs us to help. These city leaders, the city council, the Chamber, and the mayor are the problem. Their priorities do not align with the needs of the people and the city. Keep that all in mind while you check the boxes before Tuesday... Stand up and be heard..

See ya Monday at 5.

A Taste of What Flakesgiving 2022 Was Like

Gallery Credit: Josh Rath

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