New school year with new challenges. It's usually an exciting day for all kids heading back to school. I have been looking at all the pictures on social media of kids on their first day. I got to tell ya, my girls would have never walked out of the house dressed like some that I have seen.

I never realized that School District 2 allows bare stomachs to be shown in school, or low-cut tight shirts with narrow straps, or shorts so short that they're only one inch below the no trespassing area. Heck, some would be better hooking two masks together and using that for a top than what they wear. I'm not a Fuddy Duddy, but in an educational environment with raging hormones, I'm not sure that is appropriate.

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In a social setting outside of school, I get it: we all advertise ourselves. But not in school. Just to be fair, do guys in school wear clothes that are sexy or worn to attract attention? Maybe they do and should be held to the same standards. We are so concerned about covering the mouth and have forgotten about everything else. Girls more than boys are affected by peer pressure and competition, but it seems to me that we are letting things get a little out of control. Officials in School district 2 want to control everything else, what about toning it down a notch or two on the dress code?

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