Over the weekend I was chatting with some of my buddies about various stupid things that we talk about. Trust me, it's never really an intelligent conversation. Picture four dudes standing behind the house in the alley drinkin' an ice-cold beer much like King Of The Hill. Yep, that's about it. Dang it,Bobby.

Some of our brilliance was talking about our favorite TV shows and how if we could live in them for one month, which one would we choose. I told you -- this is extensive brain material.

One buddy said NCIS because he would love to go solve crimes. Another said That 70's Show because he misses that time of his life even though he was a little kid at that time. The third guy said Jeopardy because he thinks Alex is so cool. Last was my thought. I said Sons Of Anarchy because I love Harley and it would be fun to go be an outlaw in make believe for a month.

Seriously, that is my favorite show of all time and to just have a taste of what they experienced on that show would be a thrill, but just for a bit and not for forever.

If you had to live in a TV show for one month, what show would you choose and why?

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