Before 6 this morning, on our show, I was talking about visiting Ulm Pishkun, which is now named "First Peoples Buffalo Jump". This is a place that I've taken field trips to as a kid, visited with my folks and taken out of state friends to see through the years.

This weekend, I was in Great Falls, so I made the short drive out to see if anything was new. And, what I saw wasn't exactly new, but it had certainly expanded quite a bit.

Black Tailed Prairie Dogs have taken over that area. It was unbelievable. Nearby landowners have to be nervous. You don't want that particular varmint spreading onto your productive land. Because, these animals make the land look like the landscape of the moon.

I googled population number for our state, but couldn't find any numbers.

So, here are the questions that I have:

1: How many of them critters do you reckon we have here in Montana?

2: Have you ever shot any?

3: What's your career tally? (Within a few hundred)

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