The Bozeman School District thinks they can save big bucks by switching to propane…yes we said propane! In doing this the District will save somewhere in the ballpark of about $120,000 a year on its bus contract, and that’s no chump change friends!

According to Business services director Mike Waterman, running the buses will cost less, they will be cleaner, and quieter…all good things. Except if you miss the bus because you didn’t hear it coming down the street.

The district in Bozeman has signed a five-year contract with First Student Inc., to use propane buses. Statistics say that diesel fueled buses get better mileage, but using propane saves money because it costs up to 50 percent less.

First Student says the new buses also will have GPS tracking systems, onboard digital video cameras, an electronic reminder system to make sure no child is left unattended, and crossing gates that let students cross in front of the bus at a safe distance and where they can be seen by the drivers.

This all sounds good to us! We wonder if the Billings District is looking in to it?