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High School Theatre
I see the Huntley Project Players are doing "Ungreased" this Friday and Saturday at 7 pm. And I know that they would appreciate your attendance.
High Schools Getting Rid Of Homecoming Queens and Kings?
Many of the girls who have competed for the Homecoming Queen title over the years have reported various forms of bullying as a direct result of the competition. Authorities at the school decided to replace this outmoded beauty contest with an Excellence Award in which a student will be highlighted …
Big Day for Lockwood
Today is the day when your ballots have to be postmarked or received at the courthouse. For the folks in Lockwood, you will decide on a new high school. It's a big issue with a big price; so, either way make sure your voice is heard.
Lockwood High School
I like the idea that Lockwood may finally be getting their own high school. Now, sure, I don't live in that district, so it won't cost me anything. But Lockwood needs this school. Badly.
It's good for educations in Montana. It's more teaching jobs...
Friday Night Lights
Does anyone out there know why School District 2 continues to schedule varsity football games on Friday afternoons?  It makes no sense at all.  Parents are working, people who want to go are working, the kids from the other school have to miss class time in order to get here...
Our Schools are Failing
New info released today shows that only 38% of seniors who took the ACT test were proficient enough in math, science, reading and English to survive in college.  This coming from an educational system that spends more per student than any country in the world...
Billings Class of 2015!
There has already been numerous graduation ceremonies around the Billings area with Rocky, MSU-B, Laurel and Billings Central receiving their degrees and diplomas, but there are more to the Class of 2015 that graduate this Sunday, May 31st.
11 Hilariously Creative Homework Responses
Back-to-school season is well underway, which also means homework is once again a reality. Ugh, major bummer. But when you're a youngster, homework isn't all that bad! That's because kids make it way less boring by being straight up and honest (read: hilarious).

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