New school schedule?

I had a lady ask me what I thought about a four-day school week. The school her kids attend is thinking about making that move.

Right or wrong, this is my opinion: I'd prefer that my kid's school stay at a five-day week. I think the kids need that structure. Also, for some parents, a four-day school week brings the need for daycare into the equation.

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I personally believe that a lot of kids still are not where they should be grade-wise due to COVID-19. A lot of kids didn't do well when they were made to stay home and take classes online. I'm a much bigger fan of face-to-face interaction with a teacher.

Here's why.

My biggest reason for going all five is cell phones. Most of the kids that I see have their faces stuck in their phones every opportunity they get. While some parents regulate how much time is spent on phones, most don't. So, a kid with another day off from school will spend it watching TikTok or YouTube.

My daughter is 16. She and her friends are glued to their phones. (Unless I call...I always get voicemail.)

So, when she and I go out for dinner, I make her put her phone down. I want to know how things are going. I don't want to see what the back of your phone looks like. Don't Snap me. Don't Instant Message me. TALK to me.

Every word you say to me means more than any phone call that I've ever gotten.

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