Brett Eldredge recently performed at the 2016 Watershed Festival, and he brought his dog, Edgar, along for the ride. In a hilarious video titled "Star Puppy Training: 101," the "Wanna Be That Song" singer tries to show his new friend the ropes of being a star.

While on his bus and around the campgrounds, Eldredge advises Edgar on the importance of a healthy lifestyle while on the road.

"You have to start the day with a good, balanced breakfast," he stresses while lying on the bus floor beside his beloved pet. "Get some peanut butter, get some oatmeal and some doggie food, maybe some blueberries."

As his dog licks peanut butter off his face, Eldredge laughs and says it's now time to go workout. The two go for a run, stopping for a drink of water from a nearby hose as Eldredge warns of the importance in staying hydrated.

After a healthy breakfast and workout, the pals go back to the bus to figure out what to wear for their big performance later that day. Edgar can be seen lounging and appears to be ready for his nap.

"I know you're tired, but if you want to be a big star you have to look good in front of the crowd," Eldredge explains. "You can't just go in the nude. It's fun sometimes, but not all the time."

To be performance ready, one needs clean teeth, too. Cue the cameras filming a scene in the bathroom as Eldredge brushes his dog's teeth and wonders if humans can use puppy toothpaste. Before you know it, it's showtime and the guys are more than ready for their closeup with fans. Watch the clip above to see them perform on the Watershed stage together as thousands of adoring country fans cheer them on.

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