So have you hit the stores to stock up for Halloween?  When it comes to the "top hand out", apparently the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is tops.  But what tops my list of all time?  The "Marathon" candy bar.

It got me to thinking...what are some things that I loved as a kid, but you can no longer get?

And the Marathon candy bar would have to be on my list.  I think they used to package it as a full foot of candy bar.  And then it just vanished...I wonder why?  I'm sure I could "google it", but I'm too lazy to do that.

What about other things I loved as a kid?  Do you remember "Worms" soda?  I can remember my mom buying it one summer, and then it was just gone.  I think a combination between a cola and Dr. Pepper.  As I recall, it wasn't very good...maybe that explains why it didn't last.  Or Jolly Good soda, with the joke on the bottom of the can.

What do our Facebook friends miss that they loved as kids?

  • Monica Stricker - I wish you could still get green river soda. It makes the best floats
  • Natasha Bachman Tindall - Mars bar:)
  • Deana Elder - Bonomo Vanilla Turkish Taffy
  • Bo Cinnamon Lyon -  I remember the Marathon candy bar!! I wish Pizza Puffs were still around and I wish the place where my mom worked for years.... "Wong Village" was still around so I could get "Steak Rice" & "Wong's Egg Rolls"!!! mmm...yum ♥
  • So as Halloween approaches, I'll have fond memories of my Marathon bar and "Worms" soda.