Carrie Underwood is on a crusade. The ‘Good Girl’ singer, who made some waves in the press with her comments on marriage equality, which were both supported and chastised, plans to change the way country music is perceived in the U.K. She is also trying to help make the genre popular in the region. If anyone is up for the challenge of bringing country music into the spotlight across the pond, it’s Carried Underwood.

Underwood told The Sun (quotes courtesy of GAC) that “I don’t really know why country music isn’t popular in Britain, but I’m hoping to change that.” Underwood pointed out that “country music is all about people, it’s about how you live. It’s not about pimped out limos and bling bling. It’s about life and people that you know and stories you can relate to. That’s what I love about it.”

Underwood admitted to being afraid that she would not be well-received in the U.K., but her gig at the famed Royal Albert Hall sold out in under two hours. Talk about an effective method of squashing fear. Even though her worries proved to be baseless, she explained why she was concerned, saying, “I’m always a bit nervous when we go to a new area.”

Check out this adorable and goofy shot of Underwood overseas. So cute, right?