I hope this open letter finds you well. I know it wasn't your fault entirely. The turn lane between 1st and 2nd Avenue on 27th Street leads to a couple of different locations, and we drivers have to use that one lane on both sides of the road. The understanding is that we allow people the room to turn on both sides. But, that's not what you did.

Leave me room to turn.

You see, as I was about to turn into the parking garage and begin my workday, you needed to also turn into a business on the other side of the road. Fair enough, I get that. I stopped my vehicle early in the turn lane to allow us both enough room to turn into our respective locations, but you decided to close that gap by pulling forward mere inches away from my front bumper and then stopped.

This prevented me from turning, even when there was a space to turn because I couldn't pull forward to successfully turn when I could. Sure, you may have been late and needed to get to work or something. But, I gave you the room hoping you would be considerate and do the same.

Are Billings drivers this inconsiderate?

Not all of them. Believe me though, as my article on how to properly drive on roundabouts proves, it doesn't surprise me that there are drivers who just aren't considerate of others on the road. In fact, I don't generally get angry at drivers unless my life is threatened on the road. I just want this letter to serve as a reminder to be considerate and helpful to other drivers as much as you possibly can.

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So, to conclude, I want you to know that I'm not mad at you, and my day isn't ruined because of this. But, just be a little more considerate and careful. Yes, even in the small, normally uneventful parts of driving. You'd be surprised at who notices.

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