It's been a long week. I'm tired, but Carrie Underwood's show was on a Thursday night and our 8 year old wanted to go so we bought tickets and went. Great show. She can really sing.

The show wraps up at 10:30 and we head to our vehicle. But as I head east on Bench, there's a police car that won't let us turn north on Main street, which is the way home for us. So, we go all the way down 4th, up 27th, and come down airport road to where there are more flashing lights and no cars are being allowed to get through and turn North.

Is this a new approach by law enforcement? I realize that it takes time to get nearly 10,000 people out of there, but I've never seen a couple of these things before. And I've been going to concerts at Metra since the 70's.

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