Carrie Underwood has released the music video for her single "Dirty Laundry." The clip was directed by Shane C. Drake.

The "Dirty Laundry" video is an artsy, black-and-white affair. In a press release, Underwood says that she "really connected with Shane’s artistic vision for the video," noting that the clip is "all about emotion and that moment when a woman has finally reached that point, after the heartache, of being done with a relationship." (That "no vacancy" sign makes a little more sense now, doesn't it?)

"Shane had the idea to include some beautiful animals that represent the parallels between human and animal behavior and instincts, which look great interwoven with visuals of emotional women and men," Underwood continues. "It gave us a way to portray one of my songs in a way we’ve never done before.”

The fourth single from Underwood’s newest album, Storyteller, “Dirty Laundry” was written by Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley and Hillary Lindsey, and produced by Jay Joyce.

“It’s a take on a cheater in a familiar way, with the lipstick on the collar and the red wine, and, like, there’s all these tell-tale signs that he was with another woman, and it shows on his dirty laundry,” Underwood explains. “But it’s also, like, she airs it out for the whole world to see — you know, metaphorically and literally, airs his dirty laundry out to the world … She’s gonna tell everybody everything, every low-down, dirty thing that you did. So it is — it’s a woman fed up, but she does something about it, too: She kicks him out, and she also kind of ruins his reputation …

“It’s a good, strong, empowering song, again, on a familiar storyline but a definite new take on it and a new twist on it,” she adds. “It’s really fresh and cool.”

“Dirty Laundry” and the rest of Storyteller are available for download on iTunes. Underwood is currently on the road for her 2016 Storyteller Tour and will co-host the 2016 CMA Awards on Nov. 2.

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