I never met Rita Maze, but I have several friends on Facebook that knew her. They all loved her and are outraged at her abduction and murder.

This poor woman was hit over the head, put her in the trunk of her own car where she was driven to Spokane and then murdered.

Police have not identified any suspect (or suspects) yet. I hope they find the culprit soon. But there won't be justice. at least not what most folks would consider to be justice. They won't be locked in the trunk, knowing that they will probably die. The won't phone loved ones and say goodbyes. And they won't be shot. Senselessly.

That poor woman. I can't possibly imagine the terror she experienced in the final hours of her life.

Apparently, while she was being driven through the mountainous regions of Montana, her cell phone kept dropping the calls while she was talking to both her family and law enforcement. We've got to get that fixed. Continuous cell coverage is vital to travelers safety. And in this case, if we had the capability, we might have saved a womans' life.

Instead of using federal tax dollars for some hairbrained "pet project, let's get celll coverage along our entire interstate system. And while we're at it, let's put up those billboards that can instantly convey messages statewide when he have these types of emergencies.

If you've still got your mom, hug her a little harder today. If you don't live close to her, at least give her a call.