Off-duty New York police officer John Vescio pulled a man from the fiery wreckage of a gas station crash the other day, saving his life in the process.

Vescio was filling up his gas tank in White Plains when a car came barreling into the station, crashing into the pump he was using. Vescio narrowly avoided being hit by the car and managed to jump out of the way before the pump fell and burst into flames.

Officer Vescio then ran back to the wrecked car to pull the unconscious 69-year-old driver out. "I got the door open but I could see the actual compartment was compressed. His legs tucked under the seat and his seatbelt was on. He was pretty much helpless," Vescio said.

Accident investigators believe the driver of the car was in diabetic shock. Both Vescio and the driver suffered only minor injuries.

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