Heads need to roll.

In fact, there should even be criminal charges brought against the people responsible for all of the wild horse deaths in Nevada.

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A total of eleven horses died while these government BLM people tried to round them up to reduce the herd. Five foals, four horses with broken necks for God sake, and one stallion they chased over a fence shattering its leg and had to be killed.

These college-educated folks know how to do it so much better than the Ranchers or horse wranglers do. If more people would watch this video they would be demanding these people be reprimanded.

I've moved a lot of cows in my time from some pretty tough country and I've never broken the neck of one of them. They created the problem to start with by letting the population get out of hand.

There are 14 times more horses there than the rated capacity to start with. How can these be the smartest people we have on this because they were educated on it and let this happen? My dad had a saying he always use to use and that was "Years know more than books".

Sending a horse to a slaughter plant is more humane than what these BLM employees did to those animals. They even passed a law back in 2015 to stop using helicopters to herd these horses but they did it anyway.

"We're from the government and we know what we're doing so just shut your pie hole."

If anyone else would treat their animals like that they would be in Jail. Another example of two justice systems. One for us and one for them...

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