• So, I got my property tax BILL last week. Make no mistake, it is a bill and not a statement. I see that the price to live where I've lived for 15 years is going up. Again.
  • In Montana, even if you have no mortgage, you never really have it paid off because you still have to pay the property tax. Every year. Forever.
  • Do you want to drive that vehicle of yours around Montana for another year? It's gonna cost you. Also, not everybody pays the same. The more expensive your tastes in vehicles, the more you pay.
  • PLUS, you get the opportunity to give even more money if you want personalization and pick one of the specialty plates. That's also more. But, they still reserve the right to NOT let you get certain words and phrases on your pricey plates.
  • The helping to pay for schools doesn't bother me. The fact that not everybody helps pay does bother me.
  • I have tended to disagree with most of the speed limits, but I have adjusted my driving.
  • In this year's election for the city council, for some reason, they no longer tell which party the candidates are a part of.
  • Our twice a year time change. Maybe the biggest disagreement of all.
  • Good thing there's more golf ahead this week.

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