This is a picture of some cows we got in the middle of when my daughter and I were headed to Great Falls a couple of weeks ago.

The cows were getting moved to a different pasture and they had to move em down the highway, which is just part of living in Montana.

But, when I yelled "We gotta get the herd to Belle Fourche", she just stared blankly at me.  The phrase itself, I understand, isn't hilarious. It's just something I always say whenever there are cows involved.

When I go out to Paul's to move cows, I use this saying, and then laugh uncontrollably to myself. When I see cows in a corral, same thing.

And when I say it, I imagine that I sound like Slim Pickens. Weird, I know. But, We Gotta Get The Herd To Belle Fourche!

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