If you listen to the Flakes show on a regular basis, you may hear us make reference to the " People North of Town."  There are many of you that don't get it; let me fill you in.

When I was a kid, there were many places down in the state of Kentucky where you didn't want to go. These were some real back-woodsy people who had a different approach to things than people you were normally accustomed to, if you get my drift. Well, believe it or not, there are some people like that who live in the hills North of Town.

Many have not been exposed to the things that you and I are every day, so sometimes you need detailed explanations for them. Some examples:

  • Fish Waders are not the people who bring you your meal at Red Lobster.
  • D.E.F. fluid is not for people who are hard of hearing.
  • Cousins day is the biggest holiday of the year for them.
  • 3G capability doesn't stand for goats, grass, goatees.

So, just hang in there. Sometimes we just need to explain things so everyone gets it. Thanks for your patience and we'll see ya tomorrow at 5.

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