David Nail was a bit lost for words on Monday afternoon (Feb. 6) as he celebrated his very first chart-topping hit, ‘Let It Rain,’ from ASCAP headquarters in downtown Nashville. Nail and his co-writer on ‘Let It Rain,’ Jonathan Singleton, were praised and recognized for their hit song that took its sweet time climbing the charts — 11 months, to be exact.

“I always had hope [this song would reach the top],” Nail told Taste of Country prior to the start of the party. “I’m kind of a worrywart, so I’m always a little more stressed out than I probably should be … definitely more than I wish I was. Without getting too spiritual, I always felt like the good Lord had a plan. Obviously we wished things had moved a little quicker. I’m sure that people who have 20-25 week and it turns No. 1, they wish it was 15 weeks, you know? You always think the grass is greener. But whether or not it was a 20 week ride or a 48 week ride, I don’t think it’s any less sweet.”

While the room filled with close friends, family and industry peers, the reality of the situation became more and more clear to Nail, who came close to topping the charts in 2009 with his debut single, ‘Red Light,’ which stopped to peak at No. 7.

“For the past few weeks, everybody asked, ‘What’s it feel like [having a No. 1 song]?’” Nail said at the party. “I think you get so used to saying, ‘Oh, it’s great.’ I don’t think it ever really sank in until this morning. I’ve been to a few of these [No. 1 parties], and I always say that I’ve been the guy who has always had enough going on that you get invited to one of these occasionally. You always feel like, ‘Why am I here? I’ve got no business to be here.’ It kind of started hitting me today. I’ll probably be a little more emotional [today] than I wish that I were [laughs]!”

As party goers enjoyed the finger-foods set up throughout the room, including sandwiches, chips, dips, fruit and cheese platters, and desserts, Nail and Singleton were presented with their trophies and plaques to commemorate the very special song that has changed their lives — and in Nail’s case, his long-lasting career in country music.

Watch the David Nail ‘Let It Rain’ Video

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