The Democrats have initiated a full-scale attack on our President for removing another terrorist from the planet. Do you really want to talk about Iran's track record or Soleimani's record? He's responsible for thousands of deaths worldwide including his own people. Should we talk about the attack on our embassy last week? How about the attack last year on the Saudi oil refinery or the hijacking of a British oil tanker? What about capturing our two navy vessels and making our sailors bow at their feet with weapons in front of them? Remember the drone they shot down? How about every soldier who returns home with no legs or arms because of an IED  supplied by Iran to terrorist groups around the world. I'd imagine Jon Tester would rather give them another 150 billion of your dollars and ask them to please don't hurt us. Maybe we should have just paid Japan not to sink our aircraft carriers or paid Osama Bin Laden. That's not how we roll. Side with Iran Democrats, but I'm always pickin the USA. God Bless America.



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