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Our family is going to be growing by one in a few days and we couldn't be happier. And yes, we are going ahead with the wedding. Here's my question: were you planning on getting married this year, and did you postpone the wedding because of COVID-19?  I have been to a couple of weddings this year and they were perfectly fine. I know of at least four weddings that were postponed because of COVID. My question is why? I ask that question because in  a few days my son Triston will be getting married and I have had several people express their shock that we would have the nerve to go ahead with the wedding and not just put if off for a year. My polite answer has been, we feel that if anyone that has been invited is uncomfortable with attending, then they shouldn't come. If you feel that you need to wear a mask, by all means please do so.

We have discussed this as a family and decided that whether there are 50 people or 500 people at the wedding, this is the date that Triston and Kalee chose long before COVID came along and they will have their special day. COVID-19 or not. Also, when it comes to weddings, does it amaze anyone else the thousands and thousands of dollars that people spend on them? Yes, I know that things are more expensive nowadays than they were the almost 22 years ago when I tied the knot, but $20K plus for a wedding is crazy to me. The bottom line, and this is just my opinion, if you feel you need to move your wedding or event, then you should. If you don't, then you shouldn't, and everyone should respect those choices. Enough said.

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